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Legal Advisory

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We have partnered with a specialist law firm to assist with all legal requirements, including corporate, commercial, and employment services.

Emigrate CS, in partnership with Avrio Legal Group, provides a well-rounded legal support system to your business.

We are passionate about helping our clients build and protect their legal interests. We achieve this by offering a dependable safety-net and risk mitigation approach.

With over a decade of experience in the local market, our team of expert legal advisors are well-equipped to guide your enterprise through all aspects of corporate and commercial law.

Our multilingual team of legal professionals work together for greater standards of service and continuous assistance to clients.

With our experience and in-depth knowledge of the market, we are equipped to address clients’ requirements on local and international levels.

  • Banking and Finance: We offer comprehensive banking and financial services to clients and advise on possible legal recourse in cases of debt settlements.
  • Corporate Structuring: Regardless of the industry, corporate structuring is vital to minimize legal risks. Our corporate specialists can help you determine the appropriate corporate structure for your business.
  • Company Formation: We have a dedicated team of company formation experts who can guide you through the incorporation process. We provide comprehensive legal advice on jurisdictions and other legal implications.
  • Contract Drafting: With over 25 years of experience in the legal industry, our team specializes in drafting bespoke contracts which are compliant with the latest laws and regulations of the chosen jurisdiction.
  • Corporate Services: Clients may consult our experienced advisors on matters related to acquisitions, mergers, and commercial transactions.
  • Intellectual Property: We counsel our clients on establishing and protecting their intellectual capital and legally securing the intellectual property by liaising with relevant government bodies.
  • Mediation: We endeavor to assist clients by offering alternative dispute resolution methods. Our lawyers are experienced in negotiating towards amicable settlements.
  • Real Estate: Our consultants provide guidance and advice on purchasing and leasing real estate in the United Arab Emirates. We ensure that all formalities are taken care of for our clients’ peace of mind.
  • Tax: We advise clients on the implications of tax administration based on their corporate and commercial dealings. These may be related to value-added tax, customs, excise duties, or others.

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By Emigrate CS

Company Formation
We assist with the incorporation and establishment of companies in both mainland and free zone jurisdictions.

Legal Advisory
We have partnered with a law firm to assist with all legal requirements, including corporate, commercial, and employment services.
Financial Services
We offer financial services such as accounting, bookkeeping, and VAT services.

Management Consultancy
Our team will leverage their experience in corporate structuring to expedite your entrepreneurial journey.
VIP Concierge Services
As a value added service, we assist with corporate bank accounts, naturalization services, and PRO services.
Digital Strategy
Our digital team will work with you to implement your own digital footprint based on current market trends

Copyright by Emigrate Corporate Services. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Emigrate Corporate Services. All rights reserved.




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